Saturday, June 26, 2010

Humble Crumble

I have been telling anybody who'll listen (or even just pretend to) over the past few weeks about my steadily growing rhubarb plant. Yesterday marked the culmination of much anticipation as I harvested, baked and ate the juicy bright red stalks. Pictured below is my rhubarb and lemon custard crumble. I feel like a proud mother, content in the maternal glow of her love for her highly achieving offspring whom she has cared for diligently. Its ridiculous. 


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Bakin'

Normal people give photoshoots to other people or clothes or some such thing. But weirdoes like me spend hours straight experimenting with a camera and a set of freshly baked blueberry and bittersweet chocolate summer cakes. Then they get way too excited and upload numerous snaps of the same thing to their blog. Just because they can. That's self publishing baby. I'm sorry...

These beauties are going to beloved friend Clare who is currently in the throws of the Leaving Cert. Good luck my little favourite, I have great faith in your skills of cramming. Hehe...

For everyone else, well, enjoy salivating....