Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Happy Little Teddy Bear!

I must admit that it took me quite some time to muster up the courage to do this post. As some of you may have instantly noticed, this little fellow bears a rather uncanny resemblance to something both loathed and abhorred by the Knit Wits... The Panda... *shudder* I love this pattern though. It really has the feel of a vintage toy like the ones I see in photos of my Mum when she was younger.

This little fellow was knitted by Clare, my younger sister. She click-clacked on her needles to make this lovely little teddy for her best friend's birthday. I must say, the perfect tension and precision of Clare's knitting never fails to impress me. I gave her a hand with the sewing up which resulted in insanity and temper tantrums similar to those provoked by the Panda (see earlier post). Except in this case it was I alone who had to weave my needle and thread to transform a pile of knitting into a Teddy Bear. He looks so lovely though. Well done Clare!

I wasn't allowed to post about this little fellow until she had given him to her friend. Mere moments ago I received a text saying that her friend had cried when she opened up the parcel containing a little snowy teddy! It's always so lovely to know that all your work was worthwhile and is loved by the person you gave it to.

I think there's always something both lovely and special about a teddy. Hugging a teddy is always comforting. It's always pleasant seeing a teddy propped up in your bed before you're transported off to the land of nod. Adults love teddies just as much as children. It brings you right back to childhood and reminds you that something as simple as holding a snuggly bindle of handmade joy will make you feel that little bit better :)

Thanks to Conor Barry for taking the first photo and making my not so excellent camera do great things!

BrĂ­d x

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  1. Hi Nat and Brid! It's an open group - meeting up every second Friday evening from 6.30, in the room behind the fish tank there. You are totally welcome to attend :D