Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miniature Top Hat With Peacock Feathers and Embellished Veil

First of all I'd like to say a huge thank you to Heber Hanly who kindly brought myself, Brid and our model Emma Hughes into IADT on Monday and gave up his studio time to us in order to get this set of stunning photos. Thank you Heber!

I trimmed the hat with brown velvet, cream organza (with a slight olive green tinge), dark blue satin and hand dyed gold silk ribbons. I fixed the peacock feathers in place at the back of the hat using a corsage made out of the above mentioned ribbons with a real Victorian glass button embellished with gold paint at the centre. The button belonged to my great grandfather's sister. The veil (which was my dads idea) I embellished with small black beads. This proved very difficult as it required perfectly neat sewing as noting is hidden from sight as the actual veil material is so fine. 

I attached the hat to Emma's head using a hat pin with brass top which belonged originally to my great great grand mother and can be roughly dated  about 1900 but may be somewhat earlier. 

The hat is inspired by the baby top hats of the music hall dancers of the late 19th century which have undergone a recent rise in popularity due to the resurfacing  culture surrounding burlesque dancers.

I have always admired Tim Burton's aesthetic and this mixed with the darkly edged world of Lewis Carols "Alice in Wonderland" has lead, of course to inspiring results in Burtons recent adaptation. I wanted to include some nod to this in the composition of the hat which lead to my choices relating to lines and angles. 

Watch this space!! Heber shot much more wonderful things for us in the IADT studios and I will be blogging about them soon.


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