Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yes, another Cosmetic Bag...

My love affair with moss stitch has been upheld in this make up bag. I made the embellishment out of a tie by twisting it and sewing it in place. It's akin to the little rosette that Nat made in an earlier post. The tie is another American thrift store purchase. I think that what I love most about this bag is that it cost me approximately €2.50 to make. ($1 for the wool, 25c for the tie, €1 for the zip and I already had everything else). That makes me wonderfully happy! 

I lined it using the leftovers of the Ikea curtain material once again. I hold my hands up and admit that I am far too cheap to invest in proper lining. 

I promise that since admitting to my make-up bag addiction yesterday, I am taking steps to quash this addiction. No more make-up bag posts for a while. I PROMISE.

Have a great week.
Love Brid x

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