Thursday, March 18, 2010

Knitting For Natalie

This is a scarf that I knitted for my beloved Natalie back in the day when my knitting obsession was only just beginning to blossom. After a trip to Liberty of London, my bag was filled with beautiful Rowan wool. My knitting interest was fresh, my enthusiasm was overwhelming! This scarf was in fact my first ever experiment with purling. I must have ripped it at least ten times before I was happy with it! There are major disadvantages to being a devoted perfectionist...

I crocheted a little flower out of some beautiful Rowan merino wool. I must admit that I am pining for my pre-student days when I could afford to buy luxurious wool!
I gave the finished product to Nat because I knew that she of all people would appreciate the lengths I went to to get such neat knit and purls. Isn't that exactly what best friends are for? Haha!
When I saw her wearing it a couple of days ago, I thought it would be nice to put on our blog. After all, it's little things like this that are the reason we're blogging today :)

Photo credits once again to the fantastic Heber Hanly!

Love Brid x

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