Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hoot Hoot. Hoot Hoot. Owl Family.

I like owls a whole lot. I think they may just be the animals that I like the most. Sloths would be the closest competition. However, it is incredibly hard to find a good knitting pattern for a sloth. As such, I knit many owls! They are very cute.

If you would like to knit one of these owls, you can find the pattern here. It is incredibly easy and very fast too. Just how I like my knitting patterns!

My sister Clare even adapted the pattern to make a baby owl. It is quite adorable indeed. Now we have a whole family of owls residing on our bookshelves. Hoot Hoot!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! Have a wonderful week.

B x

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bríd Did Découpage.

I covered these notebooks with comic books that I bought in a charity shop for 50c each. They were for my friend Gary who often takes photos for this blog. If you would like to give découpaging a try, Natalie previously did a post about it which you can see here. Have a go! 

 "Swamp Thing" is his favourite comic so I covered a box with pages from an old edition of it.

The shoes below I got custom made at a shop in Venice. Gary is a big fan of "Where The Wild Things Are". He even has a tattoo of it. They are super cool. They're just a white pair of Vans with the image screen-printed onto them. Enhanced Vans I say!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

B x