Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little Housekeeping

Hello to all our lovely blog readers!

We are in a wonderfully chirpy mood here at "Craftystudents" as we have been shortlisted for the Smedias Blog Of The Year Award. Yay. :-) Thank you Smedias!

Bear with me just a moment as little birds pull back the strands of my hair, falling on my face, into a neat bun and tie the ribbon of my apron in a perfect bow behind me with their little beaks, Disney style. Just one more second as I fill my lungs with spring air that is heavy with the scent of daffodils and as I rest me arms a moment, weary from my housework on the windowsill.
Can you hear me singing so sweetly through the window, across the ethernet and into your sitting room? Why yes! I do believe you can! Now listen closely, I have much to tell...

First of all I have a huge announcement to make! "Craftystudents" are embarking on the world of video tutorials! We will be telling YOU exactly how to make your favorite "Craftystudents" items and showing you step by step too so even if you've never picked up a sewing needle before in your life you'll soon be joining the Disney hall of fame for your immaculate housewife skills and be satisfying your recession riddled back pocket too. The first tutorial will feature rosettes for bags, lapels and hairbands made out of your dad's old tie and for no cost at all! What could be more crafty than that? We will be posting in the next few days, so keep checking back.

Lastly, in honor of our new found technical skills we will shortly be featuring a guest post in the form of a video tutorial featuring none other than the ravishing Elaine Lavery, cook extraodinaire and recent 1st place prize winner of UCD's healthy food competition. Mmm...

Have a lovely week, do something wild! (If you really wanted to topple the boat you could follow our video tutorial later this week, hehe.)


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