Monday, March 15, 2010

Hippy Knit Hand-Warmers!

In-keeping with my current obsession with roses, I made these little hand-warmers for Yasmin who is kindly supplying her pretty face for the picture below. Our wonderfully talented friend Heber Hanly took the photos, sometimes it's wonderful to have a photographer who can take great photos even on my sub-par camera! I have to say that my chest swells a little bit with pride whenever I see her wearing them. Being my usual incredibly skint/thrifty self, I used wool I bought in a charity shop for about 50cent a ball. The red mohair for the rose was bequeathed onto me by a lady who was offloading her unwanted excess wool. The green was just lying idle around my house waiting to be transformed into a pair of luscious leaves.

I freelanced my way through them. No pattern, barely counting the stitches. It was complete and utter hippy knitting. I sewed them up leaving a little hole for the thumb. I am rather fond of the hand-warmers it must be said. The product of a night of getting in touch with my inner knitting hippy leaves me feeling a little warm and fuzzy inside. Usually I am a hideously-horrible-knitting-perfectionist, it was nice to know that I could throw it all out the window. Patterns were burnt, stitch counting was shunned! I must say that it was rather lovely to let loose and see what became of it...

I'm staging a knitters rebellion! Haha! Have a great day and let your inner neurotic knitter go :)

Bríd x

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