Thursday, March 11, 2010

Craft swap painting!

The torture, toil, terror and tribulation that occurred on Panda night all seemed worth something when I saw what I was to receive in return. I am completely in love with the painting that Sarah did for me. Awesometastic does not quite begin to describe it...
When we planned this swap, Sarah asked me what exactly I would like on the painting. I said I wanted Chinchillas and Toadstools. Undoubtedly the most "unique" request Sarah's ever received for a painting. But as with all good friends, they love you for just how weird you are! Hee Hee. I love the tree and the little flowers done out of gold leaf add such a special touch to it.

This craft swap has set me salivating. I want to swap my little handmade goods for those of someone else. I want to have a collection of things made with the love and attention of my friends. I'm currently trying to negotiate a craft swap with a friend of mine involving an elephant tea cozy for a birdhouse. We'll see what comes of this... Oh the excitement!
Sarah is currently planning on setting up a blog and etsy shop so when she does, I shall post a link to it and you can enjoy more of her amazing art work. I love my oh-so-talented friends.

Have a great day everyone. It is one of those rare occasions where the sun is shining in Dublin. I think I'll just have to go out and soak it up! Make hay while the sun shines eh? x

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