Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ich Mag Wolle. I Love Wool.

The German capital recently suffered an invasion of the Crafty Students variety. We had a fabulous time and as each day of our trip passed, our love for Berlin grew and grew. It is definitely a city that we will return to! We spent our time foraging through all sorts of vintage/thrift shops, exploring museums and galleries, sampling the buzzing nightlife and of course keeping our eagle eyes alert for good craft shops.

We happened upon a lovely little shop called "Handmade in Berlin" The ladies who worked there were lovely and helpful. We ended up staying there for quite some time having wonderful chats about knitting. We vented our anger about the terribly overpriced stance of wool in Dublin (as we love to do) and admiring all that the shop had to offer.

What we found very interesting was the surprised expression on their faces when we explained that knitting isn't fashionable and widespread in Dublin. In Berlin it's a very popular activity among all age groups. Sometimes I think I live in the wrong city! Berlin is chockablock with artists and people who appreciate creativity, as a result, all over the various districts of the city exist art & craft shops. It truly is an inspiring city to spend a weekend in.

We couldn't resist taking some photos of the sumptuous skeins of wool, spools of ribbon and well stocked bookshelves. There was also an adorable little lace loom. I was in crafting heaven. It was lovely to spend time in a city that holds knitting and crafting in such high regard and facilitates crafters with a great variety of sensibly priced wool and other crafting necessities.

For the past while I have been looking out for the appropriate wool for one of my upcoming projects and I managed to find it there. It's rather exciting indeed! More on my next venture to come soon! Upon completion, I think it might just be my Knitting Sistine Chapel to date...

Above is the adorably stickered-shut bag containing my purchase. Very exciting!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Love BrĂ­d x

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  1. Hey Brid and Nat, purchased my typewriter from you today at the flea. I love it. Your knitted wares were fab and the bunting. I put a link to your blog
    Hope you had a very succesful day at the flea.