Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Clangers have arrived...

I have always been a fan of 1970s children's television shows. I like them more than your average individual does. In a serious way. There's is something so lovely and special about them. My flame for these saggy characters and tinny music has been reignited of late with the reintroduction of exams into my life. I would much rather watch Bagpuss and the mice clean some newfound item than stare for hours at a dull book about some form of abstract and incomprehensible law. Likewise I would prefer to hear Sweep squeaking away than learn aeons of case names off by heart.

However, my absolute favourite of these television shows is without a shred of doubt, The Clangers. I just love them. They are just such awesome little creatures. I just dig the idea of little mice stop-motioning around a planet making some kind of strange hooting noise while that quintessential vintage BBC voice narrates their actions.

What I love most about The Clangers though is the little mouse-like creatures themselves and the story behind them. The Clangers were hand knitted and dressed. by the wife of Pete Firmin (model-maker, illustrator and animator for The Clangers). I find it so lovely that her hand-knitted creatures became such iconic television characters who have lasted through generations and retained their charm and appeal.


Sooty, Sweep & Co.

I have my own Ambitions to knit a little Clanger friend for myself. Unfortunately with these exams I won't be able to accept the challenge until the Christmas break. However, once Christmas arrives, my time will be devoted to Clangers. I am planning on fabricating an entire family of Clangers and making a little Papier-maché planet for them to live on.

Below is the original BBC pattern for my pink mousey friends. Isn't it amazing? I'm literally so excited to try my hand at knitting one.

Make a Clanger p1

Make a Clanger p1

Make a Clanger p1

If you are looking for something nice to watch, I actually recommend having a little perusal on youtube and tracking down some vintage children's television shows. They are adorable and a real pleasure to watch. The stop motion animation is also remarkably impressive.
The simplicity of the Clangers is so appealing. The storylines are so endearing and uncomplicated. I think in part I find tv programmes these days a little dull, it tends to be the same tired old sitcom over and over again. I prefer crazy pink mice running all over planets. Yes I do.


Bríd x x


  1. haha, fantastic post! i may give these a go myself...

  2. If you do let us know! We'll post your creation! :-)

  3. the fact that i remember all of these shows makes me feel ridiculously old even though I was born in '86 haha. definitey nostalgia!!



  4. I just downloaded that pattern myself .... also another version ..... Love the Clangers .....

    Good luck