Saturday, March 3, 2012

Journals á la Bríd...

This little decorative idea arose out of a massive bag of stamps I ordered off Ebay on a whim. I mused for a while over what on earth should become of the collection and then this concept struck me. I decided to découpage them onto journals to make them that bit more special. I think they look pretty great for $1 journals, don't you?

Materials needed to make one of these:

1. Paintbrush
2. All-purpose glue
3. Stamps
4. A composition notebook. You can get these at Staples for $1.


1. Paint a light layer of glue onto a small area of the page and then place the stamps on top of the glued are.

2. Paint over the stamps with another layer of glue.

3. Continue until the whole journal is covered. Et voilá! You now have a vintage and stylish journal to be a home for your thoughts and musings!

Un grand MERCI á Gary Sundt for taking the photos! You are wonderful Gary and thank you for all that you do for me.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

B x

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