Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Panda Panda Panda

The story of the Panda is one of torture, toils and tribulations... It involved 3 girls, a VERY late night, considerable amounts of alcohol, crying, shouting and arguing. I must take responsibility for the Night of the Panda. The burden of the blame must be carried by me. Here's where the saga begins...

I decided to engage in a craft swap with one of my friends from work. She loves to paint and I love to knit so we struck a bargain, a painting for a panda. Oh what a wonderful idea it seemed like at the time. I found a pattern for a teddy bear on the "Prima" ladies magazine website. I alternated between black and white wool for different body parts to transform him into a Panda. In a move so typical of me, I left the sewing up until the night before! Fooled by my own blissful ignorance, I believed I could sew him up in a matter of minutes. Oh how wrong I was!

After receiving a text from the leading man in my life, I decided to meet with all my friends in the local for a solitary drink. I emphasise that a SOLITARY drink was my intention! Three hours later I stumbled up the road home with my beloved sister and Nat. The unassembled Panda lay in my bag. Drunken reasoning told us that we'd manage to combine our skills to sew him up in a few short minutes. Alas, if only.... We sat at Nat's kitchen table for 4 HOURS trying to sew up the loathed panda. Hangovers were setting in by the time we were half way through. There was shouting, anger and insanity in the quest to put this little guy together. But finally at 4.25am he was finished and all sewed up! I have blanked many of the in between events, my brain cannot handle the memory of them.

Between us three girls, the panda is an unmentionable thing. It causes shudders and sparks of anger. How could something so cute with an adorable "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" look cause such a hideous uproar! We are not allowed to talk or ever refer to the panda. The words "panda night" have become a synonym for a terrible event. We now use it to describe the unpleasantness of burning the midnight oil for an essay or an unsuccessful night out. Hahahaha!


Have a nice night! Pics of the painting I received in return are coming tomorrow :)

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