Friday, August 13, 2010


Over a warm cup of tea in our favourite haunt, The Tea Gardens, Yasmin, Darryl, Rosa and I came up with a new concept for an evening of fun. While discussing all the cakes we like to bake and different kinds of baked goods that set our world on fire, we decided to have a cake-off. Essentially a baking competition.
I spent the following week leafing through numerous recipe books trying to find something suitably awe-inspiring. However, on the night I was suffering from a raging hangover and needed something fast but delicious. Nigella, I now worship at your altar. Everyone brought something tasty and we had a meal followed by en masse cake indulgence. However, after indulging in so much cake, we really lost sight of the competitive element due to complete lack of energy and severe over-fullness. We just enjoyed eating such a variety of cake.
It was a lovely evening and I really enjoyed seeing what other people made and what cakes tickle their fancy the most.
It's so awesome to get together with people and taste a bit of everyone's homemade delights. I must say that I have very talented baking friends. What more could a girl ask for? Nom nom nom.
Here's photos of some of the cake delights:

Darryl's bubble gum flavoured Panna Cotta with lemon mousse and small smatterings of meringue.

Rosa's Vegan Coconut cake. Deliciously moist and sweet. This totally changed my views on Vegan baking. Usually I don't have much time for the idea of it but this cake was so fabulous that you wouldn't have known it was missing the classic ingredients!

Conor's Brownies. Absolutely delightful. I really enjoyed these. Soft, sweet, great texture. Nothing like a good Brownie.

Here's Fionn and James's contribution to the evening. A coffee cake "containing amphetamines" as the sign on it shows. Hee hee!

Here's the fruit of my labour, Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Malteaser cake. I love this recipe. It's definitely one of my new fail-safe recipes. It's delicious and the Horlick's in the icing makes it taste lovely and malty and is definitely a new slant on the classic buttercream icing!

Get your bake on over the weekend. There's nothing quite as satisfying! :)
Bríd x

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  1. Hannah made me the malteser cake for my birthday before and I was just reminiscing about it the other day! It looks amazing! x