Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dinner Chez Beth!

Our wonderful friend Beth over at Aesthetic Delights had her Crafty Students and a few close friends over for dinner a little while ago. She cooked up a mouth-watering array of food. Every taste bud was tickled and every single person at the table was salivating. It was a perfect evening. A room bathed in candlelight and a table laden with delicious cuisine made for wonderful conversation and many satisfied tummies.

The pizzas above were made topped with pepperoni and sausage. Others were endowed with delicious roast peppers. Nothing like carbs and cheese. I swear by that epic combination!

There were also a delicious courgette, mint and pea salad which was fabulous. Classic roast potatoes and home-baked bread satisfied our comfort food needs. Then there was a selection of cold meats as well as asparagus wrapped in parma ham. Quite the variety it must be said. It's always so nice having dinner cooked by someone who isn't afraid to branch out and try new things!
Above is the delicious Feta, Tomato and basil salad. ALWAYS a favourite of mine. It was so tasty and fresh!

Feast your eyes on the delicious trifle. Nat cooked this delectable chocolate and star doused treat. It was fantastic. Nothing like a good trifle to quell the desires of my sweet tooth!

All in all, a sensational evening. A foodie like myself was in bliss. Thanks Beth!

Have a lovely dinner tonight friends!
Bríd x x

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