Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peruvian Chic

As most of you undoubtedly know, I spent the month of June venturing across Peru and Bolivia cohorting with Llamas and Alpacas as I went. Peru, it must be said, is straight out of any Knitwit's wildest dream. Every single street or market is filled with an array of knitwear made from the softest Alpaca wool. Every single colour under the sun is on show and most importantly for a Crafty Student like myself, the luscious knitwear also comes at a rather lusciously cheap price.

Pavements in both Peru and Bolivia were lined with stallholders selling everything under the sun from torches to sweets. Regardless of what they were selling, they always had one thing in common, all the women would be knitting. They were making beautiful things employing some of the most complicated intarsia I have ever seen. It was fabulous. Unfortunately most of them were quite shy and didn't want their photo taken. But I have a lovely mental picture of it all resting safely under my ginger mop!

Here are photos of me modelling my Peruvian purchases. Unfortunately I was unable to coax anyone else into strutting it for the camera so it is my "wonderful" face that you will have to look at. Not one of the jumpers cost over €9.00 and the hats and hairbands were about €2.00. I'm thrilled with all the jumpers. I know they'll help me to fend off the chilly Irish winter, I'll be safe in a Peruvian snuggle-land! Enjoy:

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy the summer x


  1. I love the jumper you have on under the tree with the alpaca teddy! You look so cute!

  2. Oh, they're all so nice! I love the that one under the tree too! And the alpaca teddy is amazing!

  3. HA! OMG didn't realise we got a shot of Fluzzers kissing her fellow fluz ball. Love it!

  4. They're amazing!! You can never have too many cozy jumpers! I am also fond of the one you're wearing under the tree:)x