Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Adventure in Stallholding, The Bretzel Bakery

I don't doubt that all you loyal readers have noticed my obsession with baked goods over the course of reading posts here at Crafty Students. You will not be surprised therefore to learn that I have recently been working for a bakery. Dublin's institution, the Bretzel Bakery have recently begun selling their bread at The Point Village Market ( and I have been working on the stall.

Walking into the bakery at eight AM the first morning to collect the bread I was wonderfully awoken from my groggy early morning stupor by the thick, warm, comforting smell of hundreds of loaves of freshly baked bread, waiting on rows and rows of racks waiting to be delivered to the kitchen tables of Dublin's bread lovers. Having packed the car with numerous different types of bread including beauties such as the turnover, the Bretzel twist, country store, , whole grain, sourdough, sourdough rye, granary and 100% rye I set off for a day full of interesting people and tasty nibbles of bread samples. The white fluffy turnover won my heart over the other more exotic choices... I'm clearly a traditionalist, ha! listen to me, bread choices reflecting personality, maybe thats going a bit far? I realize that my descriptive choice of calling these loaves "beauties" might seem ridiculous especially to those belonging to the white sliced pan brigade. However, I assure you it is completely fitting to bread that has been carefully baked in a small bakery on a side street of Portobello, using real ingredients (no dodgy stuff whatsoever) and recepes akin to those used traditionally by Dublin bakers since the bakery's inception in 1870.


  1. That's so exciting Natalie! I'm uber jealous! I worked in a bakery when I was younger- there's no beating the smell of the kitchen! I must find a place in Dublin that's hiring and get back to it!:)x

  2. Natalie, What a wonderful pose & smile in the main photograph. You have brought a new glamour look to the Bretzel Bakery, putting Rachael Allen and Clodagh McKenna in the shade