Saturday, July 10, 2010

A spot of afternoon tea... Hippie style!

It is always nice to find a spot where a knit-wit can find shelter from the tumbling rains of Dublin, kick off her saturated shoes, cuddle up on squishy cushions, peruse through a twenty page long menu of tea, pour from the most beautiful teapots, sip from tiny tea bowls, knit a few rows and play a furious game of scrabble.
That place is undoubtedly the Tea Garden. It's on Ormond Quay and here's their website It's a lovely place to relax and you can stay there for hours upon end without any hassle sipping on cup after cup of fantastic tea. It's amazing to find a place where afternoon tea consists of sitting on the ground with crossed legs surrounded by earthy teapots rather than the traditional prim and proper hotel setting!
I have also heard through the grape vine that there's a knitting club in the Tea Garden so I'm about to do some sleuthing. I couldn't imagine a more perfect place to get my knitting groove on. Watch this space! As soon as I know the details of this elusive club, I shall post.

I just finished off the scarf I'm knitting in the photo below. I bought the wool at the Knitting and Stitching show in the RDS a couple of years ago. It was a dream to knit. Thick wool and big needles meant that a ball of wool became a scarf in a mere two days. Fabulous!
Thanks a million to Yasmin Ahmed for taking the photos. She has quite the talent for making my not so wonderful camera work some magic! I think we definitely have a budding photographer.

Here's the picture that Sarah did for me as her part of the craft swap in my earlier post:
I absolutely love it! I asked her to do it as a present for Mi Madre who adored it. She gave it pride of place in the kitchen which is the centre of our house and is delighted to show it off to anyone who comes in! Thank you Sarah, you are far too talented for words :)

I hope all you Dublin-dwellers survive the rain! Enjoy the weekend.

Love BrĂ­d x



    Here's a list of all the prominent knitting clubs in Dublin x

  2. A Great night that it was! The picture is very lovely x x

  3. I love the Tea Gardens! I must call by again soon!:) And I think I was in Dublin the day of that downpour! But for once I wasn't annoyed by my soaked socks and squelching shoes ;)x