Thursday, October 7, 2010

Galway Races Hat Commission

Below are some photos of a commission I did for the lovely Ann O'Rafferty.  Apologies for the sub standard photos, they were all I had time to take before the hat the was whisked off to the Galway Races. Hopefully I'll get a chance to have some proper photos taken so you'll be able to see the detailing (victorian glass button and centre motif of stripped stem peacock feathers) which are obliterated in these pics.



  1. Wow..crafty students is right! Nice work.Sinead

  2. Thanks so much! It caused me an insane amount of craft stress. I shudder at the memory!

  3. My sister says you can take proper posed photos of her and le hat if you change the spelling of her name to Ann.She hates that.Hehe.