Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Crafty Students are officially back in the game. After a lengthy hiatus, knitting needles are clicking once again, sewing machines have been dusted off, crochet hooks have been dipping in and out of balls of wool! Yup, it's fair to say that the pair of 21 year old grannies have returned!

Here are the results of my pumpkin carving and decorating endeavours:

Photos are by the wonderful Gary Sundt. You can see more of his talents here!

Have a fun and spooky Halloween!

Bríd x


  1. I can tell exactly which one of those is yours, Brid :P

    Love Clare xxx

  2. I Love this!! Are some of them wrapped in foil? is that how they come in the shops in Cali? They look so cool! I'm inspired - gonna go make pumpkin soup right now!!



  3. Ohh hai internetz!! Luk @ my adorable pumpkinz! lols Teehee xxx!!...SAPS

  4. I spray painted them! Then the glittery one I sprayed with glue and then shook glitter all over it... They look pretty cool right?

  5. All except the ones with the faces are MINE! I went on a bad pumpkin carving bender.

  6. They look amazing! Such a good idea to spray paint them!! Nat