Monday, February 4, 2013

Emily The Dinosaur.

This is my friend Fionn. Fionn and I spent a great deal of time together drinking tea, eating biscuits, chatting, listening to jazz and knitting dinosaurs.

Fionn had never knitted before and this was his first project. Pretty impressive eh? He is most definitely a natural.

Isn't she just lovely? Fionn named her "Emily" and now she is his beloved dinosaur friend.

 We have plans to knit sea creatures together in the near future so watch this space... An unholy knitting alliance we are!

We're going to be implementing some changes on the blog from this week going forth. Nat and I find ourselves so swamped with our Masters that we have not had enough time to dedicate to our beloved blog. We have decided to rope in three of our crafty friends to help us out.

Clare, Joan and Emma are all very talented knitters/crocheters so you'll be seeing their work on here as well as ours! Very exciting. It also means that you will see at least one post per week from Crafty Students. Now isn't that something to look forward to? I am mighty pleased and I hope you all are too!

Have a wonderful week!

Brid x

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