Sunday, February 24, 2013

Simple Shoulder Bag


So my friend Jenni, crochet-er extraordinaire, recently taught me how to crochet. My first project was this shoulder bag for Clare. Getting the knack of the crochet-loop business was the only hard part, because the pattern could not be easier. You go around in a circle for a while, increasing the size, and then you stop increasing and just go around in a circle....forever. Or until you've reached desired size.

It's a great one to start crocheting with, and, because the pattern is so straight-forward, it's a great one for collapsing in front of the tv/radio with after a long day. Plus the circular rhythm of crocheting is pretty damn satisfying.

God it's just such a handy bag, now Clare can carry the essentials with her when she's cycling through her non-space!

My crochet on this was quite loose, I'm just on my second project now and am working on making it tighter. Clare is planning on lining the bag with some old fabric, which will make it a bit safer for coins and pens. When it came to the strap I decided to use an old leather belt, which I picked up in a charity shop for a euro, and then just raftily (/craftily) sewed on.

So yeah, give it a go! Crocheting is definitely the new knitting. (You heard it here first.) If you haven't crocheted before, you can either ask a friend who has to sit down with you till you get the hang of it, or you can go to youtube.

This isn't the exact pattern I used for this, but it's very close (and you don't need to consult it that much anyway).

If you happen to have a helluva lot of dreadlocks this pattern will make you a really nice hat too. and when you're just having one of those days...

So versatile.

Happy Sunday!


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  1. loving this, i think this is something simple enough that even I could try it!