Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birthday Picnic

Dear Readers,

Summer is looming in London and so Brid and I decided to have a Champagne Picnic as a joint birthday party. Unfortunately the weather decided to be sketchy on the day so we moved our picnic inside. Brid made all the triangular sandwiches and I decorated the room. We used some of my handmade bunting to cheer up the room and made little flags with vintage sweet shop jar designes on them to stick into he piles of sandwiches. I made these out of cocktail sticks and wrapping paper - easy! Brid's glorious flower crown was purchased on Etsy. Here's a link to the Etsy shop where Brid bought it. Brid did the environment a good turn and wrapped my gift in newspaper... it looks really great, I think you'll agree, might adopt this myself - war time chic! The sun did decide to come out at one stage though!

One of the sandwiches for the picnic was peanut butter and jam. I famously can't keep peanut butter in the house cause I will eat THE ENTIRE TUB. I have no self control, it's a problem. A day or two after the party Brid came round to my flat. She went to make a snack and came back into the room disgruntled. "I have a bone to pick with you Natalie!" "Oh dear, what!?" I asked. "Have you gone and THROWN OUT the peanut butter cause you can't control yourself around it!?" I had to reply sheepishly "Eh no, I WISH I had thrown it out. No, cough, eh - no I finished the tub" *squirm*. We both cracked up in hysterics and agreed that this was a moment that should be on Lena Dunham's "Girls".

Check out the photos of our day below.

Natalie Voorheis


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