Saturday, May 4, 2013

Help a Brother Out

Hello readers,

Today I wanted to highlight a photographer who has been featured on this blog before - Heber Hanly. Heber has worked with us on lots of posts by providing a series of photos of our handmade projects. You can read some of the posts and see his photos here, here, here and here.

Below: some of Heber's beautiful shots for craftystudents

Heber has recently been shortlisted to the final 25 in the Best Jobs in the World competition in the lifestyle photographer category, which could see him jet setting off to beautiful Australia to work. We wholeheartedly believe that Heber is THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB and have watched him for years documenting the lives of our friends and our city, Dublin. 

One of our favourite pieces that Heber has put out recently is this promo video for Junior Spesh, a Dublin club night. 

Here's Heber's recent video about why he's the man for the job. (With a bit of guest action from a certain Game of Thrones character we all love to hate!)

Also we are major fans of his showreel... (you can spot craftystudent's Brid walking away from the camera at the end!) Check it out below:

We want to help Heber get a buzz going on his stuff so please repost and share the link to this and get tweeting with links to his videos (especially this one). INCLUDE HIS TAG @HeberHanly and also @TourismAus and  #bestjobs. We'll be throwing in #heberowesmeone for good measure, ha! Enjoy!

Natalie Voorheis (London)

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