Friday, August 30, 2013

Flowery Dinosaur!

Alas, the Brontosaurus never existed. My heart was broken when they dropped that bomb on us last year. It was as upsetting as when Pluto was no longer deemed to be a planet. The Brontosaurus was always my favourite dinosaur and I was determined to make him live on in KNITTED form. Here at Crafty Students, we like to make dinosaurs, you can see more here and here

Pete was going away to the USofA, I had no money to get him a present so I knitted him this wonderful creation. He named it Brídasaur. She has travelled far and wide in her short life, from California to New York and even to Canada. Such an adventurous spirit! Now she has settled down to life in London.

I knitted her right before all my essays were due and I was, as always, procrastinating. That's why she's covered in roses. I didn't want to swiftly return to my laptop and face the reality of my exceptionally non-existent word count. As such, I decided to embellish her with roses in order to expend more time. Flower power is a worthy excuse for procrastination. Amen. 

The pattern I used was from Jean Greenhowe's toy collection. Here's a link to her website where you can find this and more of her patterns. They're all very cute!

Here is Pete with Brídasaur nestling under his jacket. Good home for flowery dinosaur.

Have a wonderful weekend! To those of you going to Electric Picnic, go wild and have fun.

Bríd x

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