Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Meet Gregory the Octopus! He was originally meant to be a surprise 18th birthday present for my friend Cormac, however after knitting all 8 legs I managed to get distracted from ever finishing him. 

Cormac hounded me for the next few years to find out what I had been making for him, but I insisted it was still a surprise in the pipelines. After years of frustrated guessing for Cormac, the disembodied octopus legs finally emerged from underneath my bed, and I finished him off in time for his 21st birthday.

Brid originally knitted the hat as a present for our friend Stefan, however accidentally followed a pattern for a baby's hat. After she threw the tiny hat aside in craft-rage, I realised it fitted this little guy's head perfectly!

Gregory even tried to make friends with Cormac's perpetually grumpy cat Rosa!

She was not impressed.

The pattern was really easy to follow, and came from a book of toy patterns by Jean Greenhowe. Here's a link to the book on her website: http://www.jeangreenhowe.com/toy.html

She also hosts some free patterns on there, some of them are really adorable. Well worth a look!


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