Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bunting Tutorial

I'll have some different types of bunting for sale this Sunday (27th Nov) at the flea. Below you can catch a preview of some of the material I've used. Here's a guide to how I've made the bunting. Try it yourself and see how easy it is!

  1. Start by making yourself a template. Draw a triangle (or whatever shape takes your fancy) on an A4 sheet and cut it out.

2. Next place this template on the fabric you want to use. Draw around it with chalk. You can brush the chalk off later. Cut out the shapes. I've used a pinking sheers, this stops the fabric fraying, means you don't have to bother with a hem and creates a lovely decorative edging.

3. Take a long piece of ribbon and pin it to the top of your fabric shape.

4. Sew the Ribbon to the fabric. Keep adding as many pieces of fabric to your ribbon for as long as you like - the more you use the longer your bunting will be. Remember to leave some spare ribbon at the start and end so you can tie your bunting up.

5. Enjoy!

XX Nat

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  1. More designs and fabrics available this Sunday. :-)