Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exhibitionist Coffee Cup!

This is a little something I made over the weekend. She's proper cheeky alright. A coffee cup who likes to expose herself to the world. She's a fast girl so she is. The idea popped into my head as I nursed a merciless hangover while in work. I was staring at my coffee cup, unable to function otherwise owing to the pneumatic drill that was assaulting my head. In my hazy state, a coffee cup somehow morphed into an exposure enthusiast... God only knows how or why! Then I just went for it and crafted this saucy little minx. I gave her to the coffee shop nextdoor where she is still standing proudly and giving a giggle to those who pass through!

Above is a picture of my friends Chance and Mariana. Their unicorn masks were my absolute favourite things I saw all Halloween. Would you like to know why? It is because they made them from scratch. Yes, that's right! They got a cow hide, cut out the shape of the mask, baked it in the oven and then painted it. So clever and creative! It's definitely something that I'd like to try at some point!
Above is me in my Halloween costume. The dress was a $10 thrift store find and the rest of the accessories didn't cost much either. Plus, the entire ensemble made it to Burning Man and back so I think that adds a certain charm right?

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Now the next thing to look forward to is my first Thanksgiving. Bring it on!

Love and light,

Bríd x

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