Saturday, January 30, 2010

Got Milk?

My younger sister, a very talented knitter, knitted this fantastic little specimen for her best friend's 18th birthday. She found the pattern on I think he turned out rather fantastically well. Her friend instantly fell in love with this calcium-rich creature!
However, the creation of little milk carton was not all plain sailing... Sewing him up proved INCREDIBLY challenging. My sister and my mum spent about five hours sitting at the kitchen table the night before he had to be finished attempting to figure out the sewing instructions. The tension at the table was PALPABLE. But in the end he was all finished off and looks rather awesome!

The snuzzle cat is all sewed up so pictures are coming soon! Have a fabulous weekend :) x


  1. OMG: A Milk Cosy. OK, now I might sound rrrreaaallllly old school, but can I request some simple sensible egg-cosies? Thanks, Brid and Nat xoxoxox

  2. On the way!!! hehe, fun times to be had.