Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snuzzle Cat!

I would like to introduce to you... The Snuzzle Cat. This little fellow is a cat that loves to be
snuggled and nuzzled. A very easy pattern to knit, and using big wool and big needles it goes up very fast. The wool I used for it came from a thrift store in California. I got around 17 skeins of the same wool for about $8.00. It must be said, there is nothing on earth quite like an American thrift store!

I found this pattern on a website called This is an awesome website, a really great find! It makes vintage toy patterns downloadable for free. The snuzzlecat is part of a trio of other crazy creations called the Knit-Wits.

I started to knit the cat for a very dear friend who would love nothing more than her very own big fat cat. His arrival created quite a storm! As a result, another snuzzle is currently on the way for another cat-lover!
He's still a work in progress but I'll keep you updated!

Have a great day! Brid x

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