Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thrift stores are a beautiful thing. While on holiday in California this summer Brid and I indulged in hour after hour of crazed shopping. I had the idea to use old mens ties to make these rosettes. It was great fun finding out the Prada, Ralph Lauren, Dolce or just generally deadly ties each costing about 25cents and making new things out of them.

The ties are twisted and then curled around themselves sewing as you go along to hold them in place. Then simple attach a saftey pin to the back and your done. You can make them in any size by finishing off at the back and cutting off the excess tie for a smaller version. Here i've made tails for them out of the left over pieces of tie. If you want detailed instructions, that's no problem just comment and i'll post them. 

I've used the tie rosettes mostly to embelish gifts for people, they look brilliant attached to handbags, makeup bags, on tops, the lapel of a suit and on hairbands. 



  1. I say that's a brilliant way to recycle those ugly 1970s and 1980s ties that Dad's got lying in the bottom of the wardrobe. I'd wear a tie rosette on my beret to give it a little umph on a grey day.


  2. We have a massive bag of ties inherited from Muredach. They are hideous. "Craftystudents" are gonna have to get down to some serious work!...