Monday, January 18, 2010

Team Effort

One of the things that's so fantastic about crafting is that there's always something new to be learned. No matter how accomplished a knitter or crocheter you are you can always develop your craft that little bit more. The best way to learn a new craft skill isn't from a book or a video, the best way is to sit down with someone and have them teach you. Once you have been taught something well, you know it for life. I love that crafting brings you closer to people as you have that common interest (well obsession in our case.. hee hee). But to me, there is nothing quite like sitting down with another crafter and have them pass their knowledge and skill onto you.

In the case of this little make-up bag, a team effort was the theme of the day! We made it for a friend of ours, Anita, who kindly provided the photos. I knitted the bag but was clueless as to how to sew in a zip or how to line so Natalie did that part. She cut, ironed, placed, pinned and sewed as I sat and watched. This was a lovely project to work on. Not only did Anita get a present with combined Twit and Purl love but I also became a Jedi Master of zip and lining installation thanks to Natalie's flawless tuition and patience.

This project unleashed a BrĂ­d obsession with crafting make-up bags. Armed with my newfound lining and zipping skills... There was nothing to stop me... Be prepared for a torrent of make-up bag posts. Hahaha!

Also, Snuzzle-Cat The Second has been knitted... All he needs is some sewing up and then he'll be ready for some snuggling and nuzzling! Pictures coming soon...

Have a great day. Love Brid x

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