Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bows, Bows Bows!

Hi everyone!

Below are some bows I made as a gift for my lovely mum. She has amazing thick long brown hair and I have tried to use colour combinations that would suit it. The bows are attached to hair slides and made using ribbon from Rubanesque and Hickey's. If you haven't already died and gone to heaven as a result of the absolutely stunning stock at Rubanesque (Powerscourt Centre, Dublin)  you need to get yourself into that shop... quickly! I'd go as far as to say it is the most inspiring shop I have every been in. EVER. My only complaint with them would be that their prices are a bit high (especially for the impoverished student)  But there is no place with the quality and selection they have so it seems worth the cost. They have a big selection of photos at:



Baby blue and brown bow,

One of my favourite colour combinations.... Helps me forget this is fake synthetic lace (shudder)

White velvet bow

Regency style bow,

Vera Wang uses this brand of ribbon on her wedding dresses, can't think of the name right now will post it when I do. 

Crazy oversize bow,

The brown and gold ribbon is hand woven so it has a great weight and texture to it.

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